Till Death Do Us Part Pt II

Scott and Jean are honeymooning on a remote tropical island.

Beast manages to “turn the Danger Room against itself” and gets out of the simulation. Meanwhile, Morph arrives at the mansion. Mr Sinister follows him to make sure Morph gets the job done of exterminating the X-Men. Mr Sinister wants to take care of Scott and Jean personally.

Scott and Jean are captured by Mr Sinister with the aid of his followers. The couple are collared with the same collar inhibitors used in Genosha.

Beast and Rogue pay Storm a visit in the hospital. Rogue lashes out at Beast for not keeping his promise of showing up for back up. Beast claims he wasn’t informed, though Rogue claims otherwise. Beast suspects something is amiss.

At an FoH gathering, Jubilee is brought out as a mutant scapegoat for their pleasurable disposal. Wolverine crashes in to rescue Jubilee. Wolverine and Jubilee return to find Xavier has returned and is explaining to Beast, Rogue and Gambit that they are under attack by a weapon called a “neuro-disrupter”. But the scent that Wolverine smells on Xavier isn’t Xavier, but Morph. Xavier orders for the X-Men to restrain Wolverine as the latter knocks Xavier out of his hoverchair. Gambit is confused with Xavier’s orders, and tosses him a card set to explode. Xavier picks himself up and runs for cover as the card defuses. Morph’s cover is blown, and he makes his retreat.

Wolverine and Jubilee ambush Morph in the hangar. Wolverine tells Morph it was Cyclops’ decision to leave him and Beast behind to save the rest of the team. Morph shapeshifts into Wolverine to confuse Jubilee. She accidentally blasts the the real Wolverine instead, letting Morph escape. Beast deduces that Morph is going after Cyclops, whom he bears the greatest grudge on.

Back at Mr Sinister’s hideout on the island, Sinister explains he had studied the genes of Scott and Jean and concluded that their offspring will produce mutants powerful enough to allow Sinister “control the future of all human creatures on earth”.

Scott: “Whatever you want Sinister, but leave Jean out of this.”
Jean: “No Scott. Whatever happens, we’re together.”

Mr Sinister proceeds to take a DNA sample of Scott.

At the hospital Jubilee tells Storm that Morph has returned, but with a vengeance.

Morph returns to the island with the intention of killing Scott. He also reveals to the newlyweds that the Pastor at their wedding was him, an impostor. Mr Sinister tells Morph not to harm Scott or Jean, controlling his mind. We learn that it was Sinister who healed Morph and planted a mind-control chip in his brain to enslave him.

The X-Men track Morph down to the island of Sinister’s hideout. They are greeted by Sinister’s goons. The goons are taken down by the X-Men, and Sinister finds it necessary to take matters in his own hands to ensure that the X-Men don’t disrupt his “experiment”.

Inside, Scott tries to convince Morph to help them out by taking out Sinister. Seizing the opportunity,Scott manages to break free and destroy his collar. He sets Jean free. Scott blasts Sinister and somehow, Sinister is unable to heal from the blast. Sinister retreats with his goons.

Jean: “Cyclops, are you alright?”
Scott: “No, but I will be until that scum pays for what he’s done.”
Jean: “Forget it Scott. We’re all okay.”
Scott: “We’re unmarried.”
Jean: “We’re still married. In our hearts. We’ll get married again, one day.”

Morph also leaves abruptly. Wolverine is upset that one of his best friends had left, but he is determined to convince Morph to return.

Xavier meets Magneto in Antarctica. Both are well, contrary to each other’s knowledge. They soon realise that it is a trap as an avalanche drives them off a cliff.

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