The Dark Phoenix Pt III: Dark Phoenix

The X-Men confront the Dark Phoenix on the roof.

Cyclops: “Jean! Can you hear me?”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Jean Grey can hear nothing. Speak only to the Phoenix.”
Cyclops: “Jean, fight it. Use the powers of your mind. Remember what we mean to each other. Jean, please, don’t leave me!”
Jean: “Scott? Scott, help me.”

Jean manages to break the Dark Phoenix’s control for a second, but the Dark Phoenix flings the X-Men off the roof. The X-Men try to fight the Dark Phoenix, but she is unharmed.

Cyclops: (To Dark Phoenix.) “Give her back!”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Why do you care about this body?”
Cyclops: “I love her.”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Love? I do not understand. Your answer is unacceptable.” (Dark Phoenix blasts Cyclops.)
Jean: “Scott! What have I done?” (She kisses him.) “I love you Scott, no matter what the future holds, I will always love you. Never forget --”

The Dark Phoenix retreats into deep space and consumes the D’Bari star system. The Empress Lilandra is immediately alerted of the threat. Lilandra summons the Imperial Guard to prepare her Starcruiser.

Scott senses that the Dark Phoenix is returning to Earth through his psychic rapport. Beasts suggests using a mnemonic device to “scramble her thoughts”.

While the device is being tested, Scott’s rapport acts up again. This time, he senses Jean has returned to her home. Jean wanders into the house, but even the family cat, Prometheus, doesn’t recognise her and flees. Suddenly a car pulls into the driveway. Thinking that’s her father, Jean rushes downstairs to greet him. The X-Men had planned the ambush beforehand. Gambit is able to fit the device onto Jean as she is distracted by the car pulling out.

The Dark Phoenix is too powerful and overloads the scrambler. Wolverine is unable to kill Jean, even though she has control over her mind momentarily. The X-Men are at Dark Phoenix’s mercy.

Cyclops: “Let them go! Jean.”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Jean Grey no longer exists.”
Cyclops: “I know you’re there Jean. I can still feel you. You cannot destroy your friends.”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Don’t be so sure.”
Cyclops: “I love you Jean. We all love you. You love us. You love me. Nothing will ever change that.”
Jean: “Scott? Scott, I...Ahh!” (Xavier attacks Jean psychically.)
Cyclops: “Jean?!”
Xavier: “I’m sorry Scott but I had to attack her mind while she was distracted.”
Cyclops: “As long as I’ve got her back safe and --”
Xavier: “I’ve only stopped her. The creature inside her must be destroyed now, quickly.”
Cyclops: “No!”
Xavier: “Now, before she --”
Jean (Dark Phoenix): “Recovers? You’re too late.” (Dark Phoenix blasts away the X-Men while she attacks Xavier.)

Xavier engages Dark Phoenix on the Astral Plane. With the help of Jean, Xavier manages to contain the Dark Phoenix for the time being.

Cyclops: (To Xavier.) “Jean? Professor, is she going to be alright?”
Xavier: “The Phoenix is contained for now. But I could have never defeated the Phoenix if Jean herself had not helped me. The strength of her mind is truly awesome.”
Jean: (To Cyclops.) “Hi, four-eyes.”
Cyclops: “Hi yourself, tiger.” (They kiss.)

The Sh’iar arrive. The Empress Lilandra declares that “for the sake of all that lives, Jean Grey (and the Phoenix) must perish.”

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