The Dark Phoenix Pt IV: The Fate of the Phoenix

Empress Lilandra orders the capture of Jean Grey. Xavier challenges Lilandra’s Imperial Guard to a “duel of honour that cannot be refused”. The X-Men are teleported to Lilandra’s ship. The Phoenix is put on trial for her destruction of the D’Bari star system. The High Council has come to a decision the that Phoenix must be destroyed to save galaxies.

Cyclops: “I can’t help thinking, Rogue. What if Lilandra’s right? If the psychic circuit breakers Xavier placed in Jean’s mind fail, the universe full of innocent lives will be at the Phoenix’s mercy.”
Rogue: “I know how much you love Jean. It’s the kind of love I’ve always wanted in my life but never had. This must be tearing you apart. I know what you’re asking yourself.”
Cyclops: “If I were in Lilandra’s place, would I act any differently? I’d like to think I would.”
Jean: (Enters the observatory.) “No matter what the cost?”
Cyclops: (To Jean.) “You’re wearing your old X-Men uniform.”
Jean: “It is how you first knew me. It felt right.”
Rogue: (Takes her leave.) “My daddy always said two’s company and three’s an eavesdropper.”
Cyclops: “Jean.”
Jean: “I destroyed a solar system and revelled in it.”
Cyclops: “Phoenix did, not you!”
Jean: “What if she breaks free? What if...what if the next world that would be ravaged, is Earth?” (Cyclops embraces her.)
Cyclops: “Jean, you’re not evil. You can win. We can stop Phoenix.”
Jean: “No, Scott. Before you say anymore.” (Jean shows Scott visions of Phoenix’s destruction.) “See my fears and then give me your answer. I can imagine losing control again. Only this time my victims will be my friends. And the world that I call home. Am I worth the risk?”
Cyclops: “You’re worth everything there is.”
Jean: “I love you too, Scott. With all my heart.”

The X-Men are sent into battle against the Imperial Guards on the “Blue Side of Earth’s Moon”. In order to save Jean’s life, the X-Men have to win.

The X-Men are taken down one by one, leaving only Cyclops and Jean remaining. They take temporary shelter, shielded by a wall of moon dust held up telekinetically.

Cyclops: “Jean, we don’t have much time. There’s so much I which I feel, so much we haven’t done, so much I wanna say to you.”
Jean: “Where I’m concerned it’s the thoughts that count. And yours, like you, are beautiful.”

They kiss, before dashing out for the last fight. Cyclops is injured in the process. Suddenly, the Dark Phoenix takes over. Lilandra calls for the weapon to be initiated while Xavier telepathically summons the X-Men to destroy Dark Phoenix before it is too late. After several attacks on Dark Phoenix, Cyclops blasts a pillar and it collapses on Dark Phoenix. But she is still alive.

Jean: “Scott? Scott, help me. The Phoenix is growing within me. I can’t control her.” (Cyclops embraces her.) “Stop us now!”
Cyclops: “Jean, fight it! Use the powers of your mind.”
Jean: “I can’t fight it. Not every second of every day, never slipping not for an instant. Scott, please! Do it!”
Cyclops: “I can’t!”

Jean pushes Cyclops away and initiates the weapon, committing suicide right before his eyes.

Jean: “I love you Scott.”
Cyclops: “Jean!”
Jean: “Part of me will always be with you.”

While Jean's body can be destroyed, the Phoenix entity cannot.

Phoenix: “I am the entity known to you as Phoenix. To save all that exists I became one with Jean Grey. We preserved the Crystal, but I discovered an element humans call emotion. I lost my way. Now that the fire within Jean Grey has been extinguished, I am as I was, guardian of creation.”
Cyclops: “And what about Jean? Or are the dreams of a mortal beneath your notice?”
Phoenix: “The radiance within her is no more. It can only be rekindled by taking the flame from another.”
Cyclops: “Then take mine!”
Wolverine: “Sorry bub, you’re outta line. I’m your man.”
Cyclops: “Don’t even think about it.”
Wolverine: “I ain’t giving you a choice.”
Phoenix: “The gift need not come from a single entity. A smaller portion from many is possible. Be warned, your own flame will be diminished by the amounts accepted.”
Storm: “We understand, and we accept.”

The X-Men join hands and form a circle around Jean’s body. With their “flames”, Jean is revived.

Jean: “Scott? Scott.”
Cyclops: “Jean. Oh, Jean.”
Jean: “I love you Scott.”

The X-Men are transported safely back to the mansion. Cyclops puts Jean to bed and watches over her as she sleeps.

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