Beyond Good and Evil Pt III: The Lazarus Chamber

Bishop watches from the Axis of Time as Cable and Tyler prepare to infiltrate the government base in Cairo where the time travel machine is guarded. But Cable’s team runs into trouble taking out the power station supplying power to keep the defence shield of the base up. Cable sees that Tyler is being ambushed by enemy and rushes back up the cliff to save his son. Tyler urges his father to continue the mission while the defences of the base are down. Cable is successful in acquiring the time travel machine.

Apocalypse interfers with Cable’s time travel plans. Instead of going back in time to destroy Apocalypse’s “resting place”, Cable arrives in the present at the Xavier Institute. Cable isn’t being very cooperative, and is only intent on destroying Apocalypse, not carrying for Xavier's explanation of Apocalypse’s agenda. Cable urges Xavier to gather the X-Men to help him stop Apocalypse.

Beast and Shar are analysing the disruption in time travel, causing Bishop to be trapped. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Archangel go to interrogate Sabretooth to get more information. Cyclops and Archangel are called to the War Room to meet with Xavier. Wolverine stays behind to finish interrogating Sabretooth.

Cable explains that the Lazarus Chamber is the source of Apocalypse’s “longevity”. Though Cable has destroyed it in 3999, Apocalypse has stolen Cable’s time travel device and is now able to travel to a time before 3999 to use the chamber. Cyclops is not too keen to hop on Cable’s bandwagon, citing they still have a mission to rescue “the missing psychics”. Cable and Cyclops go head to head when Wolverine enters with information from Sabretooth. Xavier telepathically probes Sabretooth’s mind. Seeing the chaos Apocalypse will unleash if he succeeds, Xavier is convinced that Apocalypse must be destroyed.

The X-Men are en route to destroy the Lazarus Chamber when it was built. Apocalypse meanwhile has plans for Mystique to take on Cable and the X-Men. They arrive in Cairo in 1200 BC. Storm and Archangel scout the area around the pyramid for guards while the rest of them travel on foot.

They arrive by nightfall and prepare to infiltrate the pyramid. Storm creates a diversion in the form of a sandstorm as they proceed. They are immediately attacked by the four horsemen. Xavier, Cable, Wolverine and Beast continue inside the pyramid while the other X-Men hold the horsemen off. Sensing that the chamber is in danger, the horsemen

Xavier, Cable, Beast and Wolverine are attacked inside the pyramid by the horsemen. The latter retreat when the rest of the X-Men arrive. Cable is stunned. The X-Men leave him to recover and race to the chamber to destroy Apocalypse. But it is Mystique in the chamber. Wolverine and Xavier sense sometime is amiss, but they had fallen into Apocalypse’s trap. Cable stumbles into the chamber to find Apocalypse, Xavier and Wolverine gone.

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