Beyond Good and Evil Pt IV: End and Beginning

Though Apocalypse got away with Xavier, Cable still destroys the chamber, as he had intended to. Cable and the X-Men hurry back to the time travel machine. Beast speculates that Xavier and Wolverine have been taken to the same location. They will be able to use Cerebro to track Xavier’s pulse generator and hence his location.

Back in the present, Beast is using Cerebro to analyse the data. Xavier is located “outside of time” at the “axis of time”. Cable takes off immediately, leaving the X-Men behind.

Meanwhile, Apocalypse’s plan is being carried out. Wolverine, having followed Apocalypse into the portal, is held captive and powerless. Apocalypse’s ultimate plan is to stop time and all existence. It is then he will rule “the perfect universe” from “outside of time”. Magneto, whom Apocalypse convinced that he will create an “alternate universe” where mutants will rule, is double-crossed. Magneto had expected Apocalypse to do so, and has Mystique disguise as a horseman and attack Apocalypse instead when summoned.

Magneto and Mystique toss Apocalypse out of the axis. Magneto’s intention was to learn of the nature of this power and use it to create his own alternate universe. He wants Sinister to stop the psychics but Sinister is still loyal to Apocalypse. Apocalypse is rescued by his horsemen and orders the destruction of the traitors to his cause.

Magneto releases Wolverine and asks him to help stop the obliteration of time. Cable arrives and goes after Apocalypse, but the final phase of Apocalypse’s plan is in place. The drained psychic energy sets everything in motion, and all living beings in the universe start to fade from existence.

Outside, Bishop observes more strange activity coming from the axis. He starts blasting at the containers imprisoning the psychics, freeing them and thus disrupting the flow of psychic energy. Time is being restored. Sinister and his goons retreat before the fortress on the axis starts to crumble and break apart.

The combined power of the freed psychics overcome Apocalypse’s and trap him outside of the axis, rendering him powerless, and where he will “cease to exist”. Shar is rejoined by her brother, Bishop, as Cyclops with his wife, Jean.

Jean: (To Cyclops.) “I was afraid I’d never see you again. We don’t seem to have much luck with honeymoons, do we?”

With Apocalypse destroyed, Cable returns to his time and his son.

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