The Adventures of the X-Men #9: Vanished

Ororo, Jubilee and Remy spend the afternoon at the mall. At an electronics store shopping for a new television set, they encounter Spiral of Mojoverse. They have battled before but this time, Spiral had only come for Ororo.

At the Hellfire Club, the mutant known as the Vanisher, delivers “Sentinel blueprints”, stolen from the Pentagon, to the society’s Inner Circle members. Sebastian Shaw, leader of the Inner Circle, plans to “restart” the Sentinel programme, with the help of its original creator, Bolivar Trask.

Remy and Jubilee return to the mansion with news of Ororo’s capture by Spiral.

In Mojoverse, Spiral takes Storm to see Mojo. They are interrupted by Vroot, a screenwriter and director, and annoyance of Mojo. Mojo has Vroot quickly dismissed. Storm was voted the most popular X-Men when Mojo had last featured them, and signs Storm to a one year contract to star in her own series.

Federal agents are calling on the Inner Circle. The Vanisher, knowing that Shaw will not keep up his end of the bargain to let him join the Inner Circle, had led the feds to the Hellfire Club. Angered, Shaw unleashes the newly redesigned Sentinel with power dampeners on the Vanisher.

Summoning all his strength, the Vanisher manages to teleport to the Xavier Institute, the one place that he might be able to seek help.

The Sentinel is in hot pursuit and arrives at the mansion. Quickly, the X-Men take out the Sentinel. To repay the X-Men for saving his life, the Vanisher agrees to teleport the X-Men to Mojoverse to rescue Storm.

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