The Adventures of the X-Men #10: Media Darlings

Vroot interrupts the set of “Storm Over Paradise” and ruins the shoot. While he futilely tries to propose his brand new script, Mojo has him booted off the set. Storm is then paraded around the media by Mojo, including a scandalous set up with actor Tyler Morrison. Once alone, Storm yearns to be home.

The Vanisher has the X-Men teleported to Mojoverse. On the outskirts of the city, they meet the now outcast Longshot, who has offered to help the X-Men. Longshot has been trying to round up a rebellion against Mojo, but with little success as the people are easily satisfied with Mojo’s offering of “cheap entertainment”. An inside mole has informed Longshot that Mojo is planning to invade Earth as well and enslave them with Mojovision as he has with Mojoverse. Longshot’s mission is now to put an end to Mojo’s plans.

With his powers of luck, Longshot helps the X-Men pinpoint Storm’s location. The Vanisher teleports them to the Mojo hotel. They take out the guards quickly and rescue Storm. But before they leave, the X-Men plan to help Longshot destroy Mojo’s antenna that he plans to use on Earth.

They make their way into the building housing the antenna, only to find Mojo poised to invade Earth. But Mojo finds himself outdone by Vroot, Longshot’s planted mole within Mojo’s stronghold. Vroot had removed the “critical circuit board”, rendering Mojo’s transmitter useless.

With Mojo defeated, the Vanisher sends the X-Men home. The Vanisher himself opts to stay behind to take advantage of Mojo’s media limelight.

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