The Return: Joining Forces

The X-Men are in a battle against Jean to save the world. They have lost Jean to the control of the Inner Circle, and the Dark Phoenix has been unleashed. Jean bids Cyclops farewell as she commits suicide to save everyone. Cyclops watches in anguish as Jean sacrifices herself. All that remains of her is her necklace.

Soon after her death, the X-Men are decommissioned and disband. A year later, Xavier receives an urgent call from an old friend in Tōhoku, Japan. Their daughter Hisako Ichiki, a mutant, has been kidnapped, and the police have been unable to locate her. Xavier reaches out to the former X-Men to return.

Storm is vacationing on a cruise ship, where she saves the ship from being hijacked by pirates. Beast is now a university professor. Wolverine is having issues at airport security en route to Madripoor. And Cyclops is mourning the loss of the love of his life at the site of her sacrifice.

Storm, Wolverine and Beast hurry back to the mansion, but Cyclops is absent. Xavier sends Wolverine and Storm to convince a grieving Cyclops to return to the X-Men, while Beast attempts to fix Cerebro as Xavier is having trouble using it to locate Hisako. As it turns out, there is a psychic interference in Tōhoku preventing Xavier from using his telepathy.

Cyclops pays his last respects to Jean before returning to the mansion. The clear night sky reminded him of happier times when he and Jean spent a beautiful night stargazing together.

Jean: “So beautiful. So far away. It’s strange to think that some of the stars we're been looking at have been dead for thousands and thousands of years. It makes you realise where we stand. Just how...small all our troubles are in the scheme of things, how incredibly brief our lives are. We have to try and make the most of every moment because we are given so few of them.”

With their field leader back, the X-Men are ready for their mission.

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