U-Men: Mutant Hunting

The X-Men travel to Tōhoku, Japan, to talk to Hisako’s parents about her disappearance. They soon learn that over the past few years, several young mutants have gone missing as well. But the kidnappings have been kept under wraps as the public views mutants as a menance.

The X-Men suspect this to be the work of the U-Men, an organization of mad scientists who harvest mutant organs to obtain mutant powers for themselves to use against humanity. Suddenly, Hisako’s mother rushes in to inform them that another mutant boy had just gone missing, after receiving a call from the boy’s grandfather. Cyclops and Wolverine rush off to investigate, and find out that the kidnapping actually happened a fortnight ago, but the boy’s employer failed to notify anyone sooner.

Cyclops and Wolverine head for the restaurant where the boy made his last delivery. On the ride there, Cyclops reflects on how Jean’s sacrifice hadn’t changed the world, and the world still discriminates mutants. Storm and Beast are also headed to meet up with Cyclops and Wolverine. Beast tells his team mates that the boy’s grandfather did not call the Ichikis; they had been keeping quiet about the kidnapping. The X-Men realise they are walking into a trap and are attacked by the U-Men’s robots.

Storm’s investigation into the U-Men leads her to an abandoned hospital. The X-Men think that is the U-Men’s base of operations and are headed there to confront the U-Men.

Meanwhile, the U-Men have gathered the necessary data on the X-Men to develop counter-attack measures against the X-Men.

The X-Men find the missing delivery boy at the hospital. He is transformed into a monster by the chemicals pumped into his body by the U-Men. Cyclops is still haunted by his fight with the Dark Phoenix and is momentarily stunned in the face of the attack by the monster. After a quick analysis, Beast concludes that they are too late to save the boy. The only thing they can do is help end his suffering. Cyclops is hesistant to kill the boy, but does so to save Storm’s life.

With his dying breath, the grateful boy tells the X-Men to save the others trapped in the hospital. Cyclops is not proud that he is responsible for the death of yet another mutant. Wolverine tells him to stop attaching emotion to the mission and rise up to become their leader once more. The X-Men rush to find the kidnapped mutants. Among them, they find Hisako, as well as a woman Cyclops remembers seeing behind Jean during their battle with the Dark Phoenix.

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