Power: Unity

Hisako begins her training at the Xavier Institute. Hisako gets angry at Cyclops when he insults Emma and calls her neither a “comrade” nor an “X-Man”. Cyclops storms out.

After examining Emma’s condition, Xavier wants Beast to treat Emma with the vaccine for the Daemon Hall syndrome. Additionally, they will need to return to Tōhoku to investigate the cause of the infection.

Cyclops still distrusts Emma and blames her for Jean’s death.

Xavier decides to assign Cyclops as Hisako’s training mentor after accepting Hisako as a junior member of the X-Men. Emma is accepted into the X-Men as well, which doesn’t sit well with Cyclops. Cyclops wants Emma to prove her innocence before allowing her to join the X-Men. Emma resists concenting to allowing Xavier to read her mind, just to prove that she had nothing to do with Jean’s death.

To put Cyclops’ mind at ease and settle the matter once and for all, Xavier decides that they have to find out the truth behind who was projecting Emma’s image that Cyclops saw shortly before Jean’s death.

Meanwhile, Hisako is in the lab with Beast. She asks Beast about Cyclops’ mean disposition, and he explains that Cyclops is dealing with heartbreak and is “struggling” to find peace and move on. Cyclops enters the lab to let Hisako know that she has been accepted as a junior X-Man, and that he will be her mentor.

At her next training session, Cyclops has Hisako fight him, and pushes her to her breaking point where she is unable to control her powers. Hisako is scared and upset with her powers. Wolverine and Storm are concerned that Hisako may not have the mental strength to become an X-Man. After Hisako has calmed down a bit, Storm goes to talk to her. Storm tells her how Xavier has taught her to control her immense powers, so she can use it to help people an X-Man. Emma agrees with Storm that Hisako should embrace her powers if she wants to learn how to control it, and not run away in fear of it.

To ease the tensions between herself, Cyclops and Hisako, Emma agrees to let Xavier read her mind and prove that she had nothing to do with Jean’s death. Emma’s dark past is revealed to the X-Men, but it also showed the X-Men that she realised all her wrongdoings while in the Inner Circle and left before the battle happened. After learning the truth, Cyclops apologises to Emma. Hisako also vows to be a stronger person and a good student.

The X-Men prep for their next mission and return to Tōhoku to distribute vaccines to those affected, as well as investigate the mountains where Xavier suspects suspicious activity is taking place, forcing the development of secondary mutations.

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