Armour: Awakening

Seeing Emma Frost greatly angers Cyclops, and he now believes she is responsible for Jean’s death. Emma had been one of the leaders of the Inner Circle. As much as Cyclops and Wolverine both want to kill Emma for what she did to Jean, the X-Men rescue her together with Hisako.

Emma tries to explain to the X-Men that she had nothing to do with Jean᾿s death. By the time of the battle, she had left the Inner Circle. Cyclops is still not convinced. When Hisako awakens, she immediately recognizes Emma. Emma tells the X-Men that she was hired to be Hisako᾿s tutor when a large number of mutants started appearing and Hisako᾿s parents were afraid that her powers might manifest again. The Xavier Institute had closed at that time, and the Ichikis reached out to Emma. Before joining the Inner Circle, Emma had been an educator, and she resumed teaching in China after the Inner Circle. She had been corresponding with Hisako right up to her disappearance. Emma was planning a trip to Tōhoku, and when she arrived, she was captured by the U-Men while trying to find Hisako.

Meanwhile, the U-Men are developing new robots to defeat the X-Men. The new robots are deployed as the X-Men are ready to leave with Hisako and Emma. Storm takes Emma and Hisako to safety while Cyclops, Wolverine and Beast fight off the new robots. The X-Men move deeper into the tunnels of the hospital. When the robots stop following them, they realize that they have moved out of detection range. But they come across the laboratory where the U-Men are harvesting and processing the mutant organs. They come face to face with one of the U-Men’s scientists, who is determined the harvest the organs of the X-Men. Even a maximum force blast from Cyclops is unable to stop him. Emma prepares to sacrifice herself for Hisako, but it is Hisako who finally defeats the U-Men scientist.

Unfortunately, Hisako is unable to control her powers. Cyclops is once again reminded of the time Jean lost control as Dark Phoenix, and approaches Hisako in an attempt to calm her and help her regain control of her powers. Emma telepathically reaches out to Hisako and stops her from losing control. Her concern for and protective nature towards Hisako prove to the X-Men that she could not have been the one that killed Jean. Though Cyclops is harder to convince.

The X-Men find the rest of the missing mutants and rescue them from the U-Men’s facilities. Out of nowhere, Hisako is attacked by a blast from the U-Men. Emma jumps in to shield Hisako from the blast and gets infected with the Daemon Hall syndrome, developing a secondary mutation.

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