Revenge: End

When Cyclops tries to retailate, the Inner Circle has him restrained as well. The X-Men watch as Takeo is forced to unleash his powers.

Hisako remembers Takeo as a child she played with when she was enrolled in the Sasaki Institute. Yui begs her son not to use his powers or he will destroy the world by distorting matter and space.

Mastermind uses mind control so Takeo will perceive himself to be in such agonising pain that he will release his powers.

Yui explains to Hisako that following an accident at the Sasaki Institute where Takeo had hurt Hisako, he was afraid of his powers and erased the memory of his existance in the minds of others, including Hisako’s, which explains why Hisako had forgotten about Takeo until now. Thus Yui closed the Sasaki Institute and brought Takeo into seclusion to try to cope with his powers. As the mother who gave birth to Takeo, Yui felt responsible for his suffering.

Xavier is guided to the laboratory by Jean’s voice to save his X-Men.

Hisako is upset seeing her friend in pain and angered that Mastermind is abusing Takeo. She uses her powers and is able to break free of her restraints and free the X-Men.

Mastermind traps Cyclops in an illusion where he is unable to kill the Dark Phoenix, and in turn caused the suffering of the entire mutant population.

Beast and Wolverine work together to neutralize Neuron.

But Cyclops is able to break free with the help of Jean after coming to terms with his guilt. Jean helps him realise that his regret was not being able to kill her to end her suffering as the Dark Phoenix when she pleaded with him to do so. In the illusion, Cyclops is able to abide by Jean’s wishes and kills the Dark Phoenix. He is finally able to say a proper goodbye to Jean.

Mastermind is killed by Takeo when he loses control of Takeo and Takeo’s powers go out of control. Xavier arrives in time to confront his son and help the X-Men.

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