Destiny: Connections

As Takeo causes destruction all over the world, Xavier calls out to other X-Men and superheroes to help save the innocent people. Individuals such as Archangel, Rogue, Colossus and Nightcrawler respond to his cries.

Yui reveals to Xavier that Takeo is his son and that she had lied to Xavier about Takeo being dead. They have a hard time convincing Takeo, who has gone mad, that they do not want to hurt him, but rather help him.

The X-Men find that their attacks are in vain and Takeo is turning their powers against them by distorting reality. When Xavier tries to reach out to Takeo, he learns that his son hates him and blames Xavier for his suffering. As Xavier is prepared to die to stop Takeo, the X-Men hear Jean’s voice urging them to rise up together against Takeo.

Hisako is distraught to learn that the only way to save the world would be to kill Takeo. Wanting to help her friend, she tries to remind Takeo of the pleasant memories she shared with him as children and that deep down he is a good person. She manages to bring Takeo to his senses and Takeo is able to reconcile with his father. Takeo’s essence is freed from his physical body and can no longer cause any more suffering. He assures his mother that he is at peace and bids her farewell.

The X-Men promise to stand together to defend the peace between humans and mutants. As a token of his acceptance of her into the X-Men, Cyclops gives Hisako Jean’s neckace.

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