Dark Horizon Pt I

In the night, Rogue mysteriously creeps around the house absorbing everyone’s powers. At Bayville High, while everyone rushes into school before the bell rings, Rogue leaves in a black limo that conveniently stops by the school.

Walking through the corridors, Jean feels a little sad to be leaving, but Scott is more than happy to get out of high school as soon as possible. They meet Principal Kelly while passing by his office. He warns them about creating havoc on graduation day with their mutant powers. Scott more than happy to leave the school. Kelly tells him the feeling is mutual.

Jean: (Sighs.) “It’s kinda sad isn’t it? I mean after today, we’re done here forever.”
Scott: “Good riddance.”
Jean: “Oh come on, you can’t tell me you don’t have at least some good memories?”
Scott: “Let’s just say I won’t be buying the year book.”
Jean: (Laughs and shoves at Scott.) “Are you ever going to lighten up?”
Scott: “Yep! One minute after graduation tomorrow. I can’t wait.”
Kelly: “Rest assured the feeling is mutual.”
Jean: “Principal Kelly!”
Kelly: “Understand this you two. I want this year to end on a good note. Some of the students here have earned it. So tomorrow’s ceremony will be free of any mutant mischief. Got it?”
Scott: “Just have our diplomas ready and we’ll be out of your hair.”

With that Scott and Jean walk away with Scott’s arm around Jean’s shoulders. Kelly watches on sternly.

Meanwhile, Rogue enters the Brotherhood’s house and absorbs all their powers as well. Mystique awaits her by the limo.

That night, Scott and Jean are in the library together with Ororo, Hank and Xavier. Ororo reassures them that she’ll ensure that it won’t rain on their graduation day, unlike the current weather. Scott glances at Jean as Xavier starts discussing the topics of their futures. Jean intends to study medicine and genetics.

Rogue and Mystique make their last stop at Magneto’s hideout and absorbs all the Acolytes’ powers as well.

Graduation day is bright and sunny. Jean makes some minor adjustments to Scott’s cap and the couple make small talk. Jean tells Scott they’ve earned this day, “probably more than anyone else”. Scott alerts Jean to her family’s arrival and urges her to go and meet them. Scott watches longingly as Jean embraces her family.

During Principal Kelly’s speech, Scott and Jean hold hands. Just then, Magneto and his Acolytes make their entrance. Magneto is suspicious about Rogue’s actions and her relationship to Apocalypse. Rogue takes off, and both sides find that they have to work together in order to prevent the return of Apocalypse.

Wolverine, Sabretooth and Gambit track Rogue to Tibet while Xavier and Magneto work to find Apocalypse’s burial grounds. Having seen what he believes to be the site, Xavier and the teams make their way to Egypt. In the tomb, the teams suddenly find themselves trapped as the entrance to the tomb close upon them and the statues inside come to life.

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