Dark Horizon Pt II

The teams are being attacked by four stone statues brought to life. As they are being terrorized and the main chamber destroyed, the teams are being separated. Cyclops, Pyro and Quicksilver are separated into another chamber, as well as Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Colossus. Both groups try to find a way out. Jean, Storm and Iceman managed to stay above, battling more statues as they come alive, while Xavier, Magneto and Beast advance deeper into the pyramid.

Beast uncovers hieroglyphics in the pyramid that tells the story of Apocalypse’s origin and story. The pharaoh at that time was a warrior who “fell from the stars” and used alien technology to rule over Egypt. As an infant, Apocalypse was abandoned in ancient Egypt to die. He was rescued and raised by bandits. Word got out that he was an invincible warrior, and the pharaoh commanded an army to destroy him. Apocalypse escaped and hunted down the pharaoh, who “fled, never to be seen again”. He stumbled upon the very technology the pharaoh had used to conquer Egypt. But to use this power and “reshape the world in his own image”, his life force was drained. His council saw this as an opportunity to “entomb” him and keep him hidden in the “highest reaches of the earth” to protect the future from his wrath.

While battling the statues, Cyclops discovers they are actually “mechanical” when he blasts an arm off. With his speed, Quicksilver topples the statue, breaking the wall into the chamber that held Jean, Storm and Iceman. Cyclops and Jean are overjoyed to be reunited and take a few moments to embrace each other. Having received a telepathic message from Xavier on his location, they set out to find him.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, Sabertooth and Gambit have tracked Rogue, Mystique and Mesmero to the mountains in Tibet. But they are too late to stop Mystique and Rogue to open the last door and reviving Apocalypse. Mystique is turned into stone, and Rogue is drained of the powers she had absorbed.

The separated groups reunite and battle the remaining statues while Xavier tries to comprehend the ancient technology. They meet up with Xavier, Magneto and Beast. Xavier intends to use the alien vessel to teleport them to Tibet in hopes of stopping Apocalypse. But that is exactly what Apocalypse intended Xavier to do -- deliver the vessel to him.

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