Ascension Pt I

Apocalypse in his ancient flying vessel travels to different parts of the world like Mexico and China. Ancient pyramidal structures built by these different cultures serve as mysterious stations for Apocalypse to dock his vessel. Energy domes were then created over the structures to protect them. Recently, the third dome appears in Egypt.

Wolverine and Jean seek out Mesmero to hold him captive for interrogation to find out more information about Apocalypse and the domes. Mesmero had been previously used by Apocalypse to carry out tasks to aid his release from his imprisonment. Apocalypse intends to trigger the dormant x-genes in the world’s normal population using the pyramids “powered by the Sphinx”. Apocalypse is now ready. Xavier and Storm set off alone immediately to try and stop Apocalypse. Jean is upset that the professor is risking his life to try to get through to Apocalypse.

Xavier connects the X-Jet’s Cerebro system with the main Cerebro back in the Institute. Beast is at the controls in the Institute’s Cerebro. Xavier’s activity is also being watched by the senior students of the Institute. They are horrified as they watch Xavier and Storm being captured by Apocalypse. Jean dashes out of Cerebro crying, stating she knew this was going to happen and she did not try to stop the professor from going. Cyclops goes after her to comfort her and offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. pays a visit to the Institute. He wants the X-Men not to retaliate as S.H.I.E.L.D. had reinstated the Sentinel programme to try and stop Apocalypse. A handful of Sentinels were sent to distract Apocalypse while the other reconfigured Sentinels armed with “atomic subdividers” try to breech the energy domes and destroy the pyramids.

Apocalypse makes quick work out of the Sentinels sent to attack him. Sensing that the pyramids are vulnerable, Apocalypse calls on his four horsemen: Mystique, Magneto, Xavier and Storm, to defend the pyramids. The Sentinels manage to breech the domes, but do not stand a chance against the power of the horsemen. The last option S.H.I.E.L.D. has is the X-Men.

Wolverine immediately assumes command. Shadowcat is sent to convince the Brotherhood to fight alongside them. Only Scarlet Witch volunteers her services. Nightcrawler is sent to find Spyke. Cyclops and Jean are to round up all the other mutants they can think off. Rogue accompanies Wolverine on a special mission. Together, they are in for the “fight of [their] lives”.

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