X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #6: The Catalyst Pt I

The X-Men wake up on a Saturday morning, only to find that they have lost their powers. Hank, Jean and Bobby are visibly annoyed. Warren is devastated as his feathers are “falling apart”. Only Scott is ecstatic as he does not need to wear his visor or glasses anymore.

Hank goes to check on Xavier, who is equally puzzled. Having lost his mental abilities, Xavier cannot scan for “the source of the problem”. He turns to Cerebro, but Cerebro is unable to identify any source of “unusual activity” as it is only programmed to detect mutants.

Earlier in the week, the X-Men had been at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. NASA had picked up signals from a comet in the Solar System that “responded to METI (Messages for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) transmitters”. The researchers requested Xavier to try and see if he was able to make a mental connection with any alien life form. Xavier’s efforts yielded no evidence of life, but the researchers were pleased with the extra data.

Back to the present, while the X-Men try to figure out who would attempt such an attack, they find themselves suddenly attacked by a Sentinel. The X-Men are defenceless without their powers and the mansion’s defences hold back the Sentinel only temporarily.

Thinking quick on his feet, Scott orders Hank to get Xavier to the safety of the basement, while he lures the Sentinel into the Danger Room. Using his months of training, Scott successfully evades the Sentinel’s attacks. The fully activated Danger Room destroys the Sentinel.

But more Sentinels are already on the way.

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