X-Men: First Class (Vol 2) #7: The Catalyst Pt II

Cerebro’s scan of the Sentinel destroyed earlier by Scott indicates that these Sentinels were not funded by the government (whose base had been destroyed by the X-Men), but built in a secret production base by Master Mold. Once a sufficiently large army of Sentinels had been made, “they were to resume their search-and-destroy mission” of mutants.

Without their powers, Xavier is relying on Cerebro to fend off the Sentinels. Cerebro attempts to breach the Sentinel’s programming, but to little avail. Sensing “registered anomalies within this mutant cell”, the Sentinels do a scan. The X-Men’s loss of powers puts them in the non-mutant category, and the Sentinels fall back and leave.

While the rest of the X-Men are relieved, Jean realises that the Sentinels, having tapped into Cerebro’s database, will be redirecting their attack at Pietro and Wanda on Long Island. Jean frantically tries to reach them by phone while they hop on Xavier’s jet to their house. Meanwhile, a mysterious green substance from space (that Xavier was scanning while at NASA) has landed in the X-Men’s backyard.

Having distanced themselves suitably from the mansion, another unexplainable phenomenon occurs. The X-Men suddenly regain their powers, and at drastically increased levels. The X-Men have little difficulty in fending off the Sentinels to protect their friends. Even Cyclops is able to control his powers without his visor. Xavier however, seems to be in a telepathic trance.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl make a power couple, obliterating Sentinels, while Iceman’s solid ice fortress proves impenetrable. Wanda is alarmed that her brother is seriously injured in the explosion prior to the X-Men’s arrival. Angel, having gained a secondary mutation, the ability to heal others, fully heals Pietro.

Xavier finally resumes contact with the X-Men. He urges them make haste in destroying the Sentinels. Iceman constructs a protective barrier between the fight and the local police to keep them out. Marvel Girl rebuilds Pietro’s and Wanda’s house to its original condition, as well as Xavier’s jet.

The X-Men have been affected by an extraterrestrial catalyst. It “pulled [their] powers back to pre-manifestation” and restarted their powers without limits, thus making them more powerful than ever. Xavier’s scan of the comet at NASA drew the travelling extraterrestrial to Earth and the X-Men, to unlock the “potential in life”.

Life on Earth will change and develop in complex ways, and all humanity will be lost if the extraterrestrial is not removed from Earth immediately. While absolute power is tempting, having the extraterrestrial around will do them more harm than good. Xavier is adamant that it should be sent away. With Marvel Girl’s help, Xavier mentally expels the extraterrestrial’s effect on them, and balance is restored.

The X-Men return to the Kennedy Space Centre to send the extraterrestrial back into the galaxy. Jean confides in Scott that she liked the rush of power, and “wouldn’t have cried it if had left [her] being able to fly”.

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