X-Men: First Class Finals #1: Senoiritis

In Jean’s sleep, Bobby is skiing on an ice mountain he had built himself. Suddenly, the mountain turns into a laboratory where Hank is experimenting with a “protein reactant” to “find a way to give [Scott’s] brain complete control of his optic energy”. Just as sudden, the environment changes to that of a desert. They find Scott and Warren playing catch, and that Scott has complete control of his optic blasts.

The four come to a conclusion that they are in a dream, and more specifically, Jean’s dream. Jean’s telepathy had been manifesting and was pulling them into her dreams, just as Xavier had done years ago while using Cerebro.

They then come across an aspect of Jean’s dream deemed “embarrassing” by Hank: Scott and Jean being intimate. The guys have suspected Scott’s feelings for Jean to be reciprocated. Warren explains to Scott that there are no hard feelings between them (since Warren was once vying for Jean’s affections, but is now into another girl), and encourages Scott to “merge” with his “dream self” and have fun.

As Hank, Bobby and Warren move along, they come across Bobby’s house. They see Bobby’s father in his study working on his client’s taxes. Bobby explains that the deal he made with his father for coming to Xavier’s school was that he become an account like his father.

They carry on to the edge of a cliff and see visions of all the foes they had battled in the past contained in the depths of her mind. Hank ponders if Jean has been “forcing her ability to mature” so she can better “protect” her team mates. Bobby chimes in that they are “growing up”. With that they are evicted from Jean’s dream.

The following morning, the X-Men are in Danger Room training, facing the most accurate replicas of their foes, including Sentinels (executed), the Living Diamond (shattered) and Grotesk. As the guys are having difficulty with Grotesk, Marvel Girl returns from a “bathroom break” to take on Grotesk, a foe she had not faced in real life. She telekinetically throws him outside through the wall and the X-Men give chase. They start debating about the change to individual costumes when Marvel Girl is distracted because her mask slid off her face. Cyclops is still adamant that they stuck to the old uniforms and look like a team. Marvel Girl insists that they looking like a “military organization” caused the media to paint them in a bad light. As the two continue to bicker, Beast finally defeats Grotesk.

As Beast examines the Grotesk model, Cyclops hears his name being called from a distance, from inside the woods. Cyclops rushes towards his name, only to come face-to-face with Frederick, a nemesis he once defeated.

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