X-Men: First Class Finals #2: The Beginning of the End

The X-Men encounter Frederick, Cyclops’ nemesis, in the woods behind the mansion. Frederick wants his revenge on Cyclops. The X-Men try to take out Frederick but Frederick overpowers them. Marvel Girl is knocked out in the process and becomes a target for Frederick since Cyclops is romantically involved with her.

Beast carries her off to safety but Frederick catches up with them and takes Beast out. Suddenly, Frederick is attacked by Juggernaut, who appears from nowhere and then vanishes.

The X-Men, concerned that the Juggernaut might be running lose, decide to contact Xavier via Cerebro. As Jean is searching for Xavier, the rest of the X-Men discuss their plans after graduating from the Institute. Hank is considering the position of “research scientist” at the “Brand Corporation”. Bobby is going to keep his promise to his father and become an accountant. Warren, as heir to Worthington Enterprises, is poised to take over the family business when his father retires. Warren offers Bobby an accounting position at Worthington Enterprises after he gets certified. Scott on the other hand doesn’t expect much employment prospects due to his mutation and decides to remain at the Institute and help Xavier train new recruits.

The FBI arrive to reclaim custody of Frederick.

At this time, Jean interrupts them with Cerebro’s findings. While she has not found Xavier, Jean has picked up a “mutant signal” nearby and suggest they investigate. The team gets prepped with much enthusiasm, plus a chance at flying the new Blackbird jet that Xavier got.

They arrive at the quarry that Marvel Girl had once been to with Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four. They find no signs of mutant activity, but head into the abandoned laboratory to investigate.

As they head deeper into the lab, they find themselves pursued by an assemblage of junk metal in the form of Magneto.

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