X-Men: First Class Finals #4: The Mind of Jean Grey

Scott explains how he came to the conclusion that Jean was behind all the recent attacks they had experience, including her pulling their consciousness into her dreams. Jean’s “ambient dreaming” causes Xavier to have grave concerns about Jean’s exponential manifestation of her telepathy. Jean needed to be rescued from her own mind, and Xavier suggest the X-Men do it together as a team.

They find themselves in Jean’s mind, dressed in their old blue and gold uniforms (suggested by Bobby), and able to function with no inhibitions (Xavier being able to walk and Cyclops being able to control his optic blasts). As they start moving deeper, they come face-to-face with a previous enemy, the Hulk, that Marvel Girl quickly and effectively defeats by herself. Then, Dr Strange appears and she is now fighting Cyttorak, Suddenly, Marvel Girl takes flight. Angel and Iceman give chase, and Xavier, Beast and Cyclops find out that they can make themselves fly too.

They fly to Monster Island, and find Marvel Girl locked in a telepathic battle against Mastermind, reminiscent of the one Xavier had with Mastermind. By this time, Marvel Girl’s memories are becoming more and more distorted, with her defeating the Lizard when she was never present when Beast, Angel and Iceman dealt with him.

Xavier decides that it is time to “intervene” and tries to telepathically reach out to her. But she appears to be trapped in her dream state, one that Cyclops decides to wake her up from with a kiss on the lips. She stirs from within her mind, “see[ing] [her]self through the viewpoint of others”. Cyclops explains that they were concerned with her manifestation of her telepathy causing the attacks and in the process, injuring herself.

Suddenly, they find themselves surrounded with every enemy they had battled before, all at once. Marvel Girl starts to panic but the X-Men reassure her that this is all in her mind and she had the power to stop it. As the enemies disappear, Marvel Girl is hit from behind by a car, the same one that killed her best friend, Annie, when she was ten. It was the traumatizing experience that manifested her powers early, and Xavier had to “lock” her memories away until she was “ready to deal with it”. In her dreams, she was trying too hard to protect everyone she loves from getting hurt and putting a drain on herself. Xavier encourages her to remain at the Institute after graduation for awhile until her powers have stabilized. In addition, Cyclops offers to remain to train the newcomers.

With that, the X-Men celebrate their graduation, which is abruptly cut short when Xavier announces that “Cerebro has discovered what may be the most powerful mutant on the planet” on Krakoa. The X-Men are all too eager to investigate, just like old times.

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