X-Men: First Class Finals #3: Higher Learning

The X-Men come face-to-face with what they think to be the “essence” of Magneto in “a collective of...metal scrap...held by magnetic force”. They create a diversion for Cyclops to take a “wide open” shot. But their victory is short-lived as “Magneto” reassembles himself. Iceman freezes him, but another one takes its place. Marvel Girl tries to use her telekinesis to knock it over but is unable to move it. Beast comes up with the solution to use an electromagnetic crane, using magnetism against “Magneto”. After the brief fight, they are summoned home by Xavier, who returned to find “a large hole in the Danger Room wall” and Cerebro unlocked.

After everyone has settled down, the X-Men explain to Xavier about their encounter with Frederick and Juggernaut, and “Magneto” at the quarry. Then they cheekily question if Xavier was hiding a love interest with his mysterious getaways, to which Xavier responded that it was just “comparing research”.

Their discussion leads to Xavier explaining about the recent upgrades to the Danger Room. It was designed to “push [them] beyond tactical coordination and reflexive fighting” to better prepare them for what’s to come after they graduated. Xavier also intends to recruit more “mutants with potential as future X-Men”. With the number of mutants increasing exponentially, Xavier is unable to support both college education and combat training, and has made the decision to fully devote his resources towards training mutants as “agents of change”. The peaceful co-existence that Xavier hopes to build is not gaining enough traction against a world growing more hostile towards mutants.

Jean brings up the topic that post-graduation, most of them will not be staying on as X-Men. Xavier accepts that they wish to pursue other ambitions, and it might not be a bad idea to “spread [themselves] around to gain the world’s trust”, but would appreciate a couple of them to help with the transition period and introduce new X-Men before they left.

Suddenly, they are attacked again by Juggernaut, who disappears as swiftly as he appeared. Jean is knocked unconscious in the process. As Jean recovers in the med lab, Xavier accesses the recent attack. He is not convinced that who attacked them was Juggernaut, as it did not register as Juggernaut’s mental signature. It is then Scott comes to a startling conclusion that Jean is the one behind all the attacks.

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