Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1: Refuge

Cyclops is having a difficult time adjusting to the dynamics of the new X-Men team, with the new team not taking training or his commands seriously.

He calls Jean to confide in her and tries to get her to move back to the mansion giving the reason that she still has not perfected her control over her growing abilities. Jean makes it clear that she is starting a new career in New York City and does not want to be a full-time X-Man anymore.

Meanwhile, Xavier has invited the Inhumans to visit. Dr Moira MacTaggert and Princess Lilandra of the Shi’ar Empire are also current house guests. After Gorgon, one of the Inhumans, “abused [the X-Men’s] hospitality”, Blackbolt, ruler of the Inhumans decides that they should depart to avoid further humiliation. Nightcrawler is eager to see Attilan, home of the Inhumans. Blackbolt extends the X-Men a visit to his kingdom.

Nightcrawler is warmly welcomed in Attilan by creatures of all forms and colours despite his appearance. On the contrary, humans on Earth ostracised him for his strange appearance. He decides to stay behind when the X-Men are ready to return home. But he then discovers the horrible truth of the people of Attilan: they are mutated on purpose as children during an age-old ritual. Outraged, he disrupts the ritual to save a child from being mutated, angering the people of Attilan and resulting in his apprehension and trial.

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