Uncanny X-Men: First Class #2: To Err is Inhuman

Nightcrawler is sentenced to “death” for “desecrat[ing]” Attilan’s “most sacred ritual”. Colossus comes to the defence of the now unconscious Nightcrawler. Before anymore violence continues, Black Bolt and Lady Medusa step in to intervene. Black Bolt declares that Nightcrawler will stand trial to decide his fate.

Despite the Inhuman hostility, Triton, one of the X-Men’s hosts, still tries to help Colossus out by establishing contact with the rest of the X-Men on Earth to call for diplomatic back up. Cyclops picks Storm and Banshee to go on the mission. He refuses to allow Xavier on this mission, fearing it could turn hostile. Xavier respects Cyclops’ decision, the teen he had groomed into a leader.

On the way to the Himalayas, the X-Men are joined by Phoenix, who offered her help.

Orbiting in space is “Starcore One”. The research team is led by Dr Peter Corbeau. They are researching the sun’s flares, when they come across human-looking aliens on the surface of the sun.

Nightcrawler stands trial in Attilan. Before his sentence, he speaks his mind. He had come to Attilan to experience true acceptance of creatures of all shape and colour, only to find that it is a lie. That the Inhuman children were genetically transformed from their normal-looking selves, into what the rest of the world deems monstrous. He thought that the Inhumans accepted differences, but they were only accepting conformity, and lived shielded from the rest of the world.

The X-Men arrive just as Nightcrawler finished speaking. Stepping foot on Attilan, Phoenix is bombarded by thousands of angry thoughts. She is infuriated and decides that she would take Nightcrawler by force and leave. A huge fight erupts and soon, shockwaves send the walls of Attilan crumbling upon the people. Phoenix tries to hold up the crumbling mountain with her telekinesis. Cyclops instructs her to “turn [her] shield into a funnel” to “channel” Black Bolt’s voice to destroy the mountain.

After the crisis is over, Black Bolt calls a truce and the X-Men are allowed to take Nightcrawler home. On the ride home, Cyclops and Phoenix have an argument over her behaviour on Attilan. More than ever, Cyclops felt like she was becoming a stranger to him as their relationship continues to strain.

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