Uncanny X-Men: First Class #6: The Sky is Falling

Phoenix manages to deflect the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from crashing into New York City with her telekinesis. One of the Knights of Hykon who had instigated the crashing of the Helicarrier flees the scene, and Phoenix gives chase.

Back at the mansion, the X-Men, defeated at the hands of the knight known as “Sky Song”, now come face to face with another more menacing knight, “Drowning Shadow”. Drowning Shadow has come to punish Sky Song for losing her sword to Nightcrawler.

With Sky Song’s sword, Nightcrawler is transported to the Hykon’s trophy room, displaying their “spoils of war”, including Xavier’s head.

After the Hykon have left the mansion, Lilandra explains to the X-Men that the Hykon are a “galactic scourge”, constantly seeking war with other worlds and leaving death in their wake. No army in the galaxy has ever been able to defeat the six knights, and Earth is almost certainly doomed.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler had awoken Xavier. Xavier existed only in his “psionic” form and had not been physically harmed. They then investigate the source of a mysterious voice, only to find it coming from a young girl.

The X-Men are flying to Boston where Phoenix had followed the Hykon to. Cyclops reestablishes contact with Dr Corbeau. Corbeau believes that the recent solar flare activities were caused by the Hykon fighting each other on the surface of the sun. And that source of radiation may be responsible for Marvel Girl’s transformation into Phoenix when she was exposed to it piloting the X-Men back to Earth from a damaged space shuttle during a mission weeks ago.

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