Uncanny X-Men: First Class #7: The Shattered World

The mysterious young girl seems to be in control of the Hykon and Xavier tries to stop her. Xavier urges Nightcrawler to return to Earth to help the rest of the X-Men fight the Hykon while he deals with the girl.

The X-Men arrive in Boston. Phoenix, beaten down, is now outraged. Cyclops manages to calm her down. They return to the mansion where Moira has called a meeting after analysing the Hykon sword Nightcrawler had brought back with him. The weapon technically exists “about half a nanometer” “outside of...reality” and cannot be damaged. The same applies to the armour worn by the Hykon.

Back in space, Xavier learns that the Hykon were once a mighty and “righteous” race of warriors who were devoted to slaying villains. When the final villain was killed and peace reigned, there was no more fighting. No fights meant no “victories” and life was meaningless for the Hykon. They then turned on each other, and their feuding caused the destruction of other stars and planets. Only six knights survived. The girl, a “repository” storing the “history, science and culture” of the Hykon, devised a contest that gave the knights purpose and keep them from killing each other.

At the mansion, the X-Men prepare to attack the Hykon. Storm confides in Phoenix that Cyclops is distraught about the news that her transformation into Phoenix was due to the solar flares that the Hykon had caused. After this brief telepathic exchange, the X-Men teleport to battle the Hykon. Phoenix sees that Cyclops is more aggressive than usual, having a personal vendetta with the Hykon, as they had “destroyed the woman [he loves]”.

Meanwhile, Lilandra encounters the girl and slays her. With that, the knights instantly lose their sense of purpose. Xavier begs Lilandra to spare the lives of the knights as they pose no threat. Lilandra agrees to let the knights live out their lives in the citadel in their barren world.

The X-Men and Lilandra return to Earth. While everyone is celebrating, Cyclops and Phoenix try to sort out their strained relationship. Eventually, Phoenix decides she should leave.

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