X-Men: Ronin #1: Hajime No Ippo (The First Step)

The psychic Marvel Girl is being cornered by the members of the Shadowcat ninja clan in an alleyway. The ninjas were assigned to capture her, who isn’t strong enough to fight off all three ninjas. Wolverine, Storm and Cyclops of the X-Men come to her aid.

At the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost and Tessa, members of the club, are having tea. Emma is angry that her plan to kidnap Marvel Girl had failed. Tessa suggests getting more capable kidnappers to carry out the task.

At the X-Mansion, Storm is concerned that Marvel Girl isn’t getting enough rest from her recent attack. But Marvel Girl insists on knowing about the Hellfire Club. Storm explains that the Hellfire Club comprise of mutants who “hold themselves above humans and other mutants”, and exclusively recruit telepaths like Marvel Girl.

Back at the Hellfire Club, the leader inquires into the progress of Emma’s “recruitment process”. Emma refuses to converse vocally or telepathically. The leader, with the aid of another mutant, Cerebra, suggests that they modify their strategy and target mutants untainted by the X-Men.

Meanwhile, Storm and Marvel Girl are exploring the shopping district called Japantown when Jean senses something amiss. Marvel Girl subtly hints to Storm that they’re being “followed”. Storm recognises her stalker. Marvel Girl decides to take matters into her own hands and introduces Storm and Forge to each other.

That night at the club, Dazzler, Emma recruits a bunch of mutant thugs to help with Marvel Girl’s kidnapping.

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