X-Men: Ronin #2: Bunraku (The Puppet Show)

In the night, Emma’s hired kidnappers infiltrate the X-Mansion to capture Marvel Girl. They first encounter Wolverine, and one of them freezes him. Cyclops is awakened by the ruckus and blasts Wolverine free of his cryostate. Storm joins the fight as well.

The three X-Men take out Marvel Girl’s kidnappers easily. Storm suspects the attempted kidnapping has the Hellfire Club written all over it. Marvel Girl finally arrives to see that the problem has been taken care of.

The kidnappers are held prisoners by the X-Men. After an interrogation, Wolverine manages to gather information from one of the kidnappers. Marvel Girl is nearby practicing control of her powers. Suddenly, the spherical puzzle that Marvel Girl is working on bursts into flames.

Cyclops is outside programming robots to repair the X-Mansion. Wolverine leaves to track down the mastermind behind the kidnap while Storm leaves on her date with Forge. Cyclops is left to look after the kidnappers while Marvel Girl is “grounded”.

After paying a visit to Dazzlers, Wolverine has gotten hold of Emma’s scent and is able to track her. He gathers Cyclops and Storm to go after Emma.

The X-Men find Emma walking in the street. She starts to run and the X-Men give chase, and end up cornering her in an alleyway. Emma draws the attention of the police, and using her telepathic powers, creates an illusion in the minds of the police that she is a school girl being attacked by monsters.

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