X-Men: Ronin #5: Shima (Zone of Death)

The next morning, more soldiers arrive to survey the site of destruction. Forge, who was operating one of the Sentinels, is found dead. Chief Yoshida isn’t deterred with the failure of the Sentinel programme. He insists on “rebuild[ing]” the Sentinels.

The X-Men follow Master Toad into the sewers. There, Marvel Girl is practicing to control her newly developed powers with Master Toad as the rest watch on.

Meanwhile, mutants are being hunted and arrested on the streets. Master Toad is discussing the mystery of Marvel Girl’s powers with Wolverine as Marvel Girl eavesdrops. A friend of Master Toad’s, Betsy comes to deliver the bad news of the arrest and resulting deaths of mutants. The X-Men return to the surface to stop the arrests.

At the Hellfire Club, Xavier is throwing a party and mingling with “criminal ‘masterminds’”. Chief Yoshida appears, and seeks an audience with Xavier. Emma, still angry at her father, storms out of the party. She believes that her father wants her out of the “Inner Circle”, having not introduced her to his associates. Tessa tries to calm her sister down but Emma leaves as Cerebra calls on Tessa.

On the street, Emma runs into Marvel Girl and Wolverine. Emma tries to offer Marvel Girl membership into the Hellfire Club. Wolverine would have none of this and Emma attacks him. Wolverine takes out Emma. Back at the Hellfire Club, Tessa goes to her father for help as Emma is in trouble, but Xavier would not be disturbed in his meeting with Chief Yoshida.

The X-Men have convinced the mutants hiding underground to help them in their fight. Storm has a little talk with Master Toad, and insists that she is able to convince Forge to join them. Master Toad allows her to go to seek peace.

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