X-Men: Ronin #4: Kakuage (Promotion)

Storm rushes back to the X-Mansion while Cyclops tries to blast his way in.

Forge is part of the police department involved with the Sentinel programme, launched to deal with mutants.

Meanwhile, Emma has been monitoring the failed kidnapping of Marvel Girl. She senses a transformation within Marvel Girl.

Cyclops finds the X-Mansion exploded, and the surviving soldiers that infiltrated the mansion. Thinking that they’d hurt Marvel Girl, Cyclops is about to question them when Storm makes her entrance known with a lightning bolt. The soldiers flee while Cyclops and Storm sieve through the wreckage for Marvel Girl. They find her standing over the dead bodies of her kidnappers.

Suddenly, they see Sentinels flying their way. A recovered Wolverine, as well as Master Toad arrive to help. They defeat the soldiers quickly, but are soon confronted by Sentinels. Master Toad takes Marvel Girl aside while Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine take on the Sentinels. Storm is hurt in the fight. Master Toad instructs Marvel Girl to access and “release” her Phoenix power.

With the X-Mansion destroyed, they seek shelter elsewhere.

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