Avengers vs X-Men #0: Prologue

M.O.D.O.K. attacks the Wakandan ambassador’s motorcade. Scarlet Witch steps in to fight off M.O.D.O.K. She is outnumbered and gradually overpowered. Ms Marvel and Spiderwoman come to her aid. Ms Marvel persuades former Avenger Scarlet Witch to return with her to “say hello” to the team.

Her husband The Vision is the first to greet Scarlet Witch. He is displeased to see her and is unable to forgive her misdeeds. He drives her away with harsh words, making the rest of the team feel sorry for her.

On Utopia, Cyclops catches Hope sneaking out to San Francisco again at night. He tells her that her violent vigilante antics needs to stop. He does not want her to put herself in danger because she is too important to their cause. Hope confronts Cyclops about her destiny to become the Phoenix. Cyclops tries to avoid the subject and Hope takes off in a fit of anger.

She arrives on scene during a bank robbery. It is a bloody battle as Hope defeats the robbers one by one. Hope is finished by the time Cyclops and Emma arrive. Hope tells Cyclops that she figured out why he is afraid of the Phoenix.

Hope: “I know why you’re scared.”
Cyclops: “What?”
Hope: “You think the Phoenix is either going to kill me or drive me crazy. Or maybe both. Just like it did Jean. But I’m not your dead wife, Scott. That’s not my story.”

Hope tells Cyclops that she is “ready” for the Phoenix.

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