Avengers vs X-Men #1: Round One

A passenger plane is mysteriously shot down from the sky. The Avengers save the crashing aircraft and New York City from destruction. Nova is found in the wreckage, severely wounded. He warns the Avengers that the Phoenix is coming.

On Utopia, during a routine training session with Cyclops, Hope exhibits the Phoenix force in a fit of rage directed at Cyclops.

The Avengers call an emergency meeting with the President of the United States. The Avengers have identified the Phoenix Force as a lethal threat to Earth and intend to exterminate it at all costs before the Force assumes its new host. Unfortunately, the Phoenix Force has already found Hope.

Captain America approaches Wolverine for advice on how to deal with the Phoenix Force. Wolverine expresses little desire to get involved and wishes only to protect the students under his care. He also expresses doubt that Cyclops and his team will help the Avengers because of his history with Jean and the Phoenix.

Cyclops contemplates that the Phoenix may be the answer to mutantkind’s salvation since the Scarlet Witch turned mutants into an “endangered species”. Captain America approaches Cyclops for help to contain the Phoenix. He wants to take Hope into “protective custody” to save humanity. Cyclops refuses, stating that he has no business dealing in mutant affairs, not that he ever cared for the wellbeing of mutantkind in the first place.

The Avengers will have to fight the X-Men to get to Hope.

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