Phoenix: Endsong #1: Part One

The Phoenix force had been “scattered across three galaxies” upon the death of Jean Grey, and “waiting to come together in the White Hot Room” to be reborn. However, it had been called back to Earth prematurely. Something is not right.

A Shi’ar craft is chasing the Phoenix. They were attempting to “reconstitute the Phoenix Force” so they can destroy it permanently. Right now the Phoenix is premature and without a host. The Shi’ar commander still gives the go ahead to terminate the Phoenix.

Various pieces of the Phoenix force fall onto Earth, touching various X-Men. It searches for a way to become whole once again, finding itself drawn to Scott Summers. For an instant, memories of Jean flood his mind as he screams for Jean and blows a hole in the roof through a crack in his glasses.

Scott’s memories of Jean triggers the Phoenix to remember its host: Jean Grey. Assuming Jean’s form, the Phoenix moves through the cemetery and finds Jean’s body. The Phoenix forces Jean to rise from the grave. Jean had once come to the Phoenix for a way to save Scott. Now the Phoenix wants Jean to repay that favour: it needs Scott.

Logan, recognizing the fiery explosion from a distance, races over to find a likeness of Jean standing before him. He asks the Phoenix why it had returned. Something must need fixing, and the Phoenix always left a trail of destruction in its wake. And once again, the X-Men will risk their lives to save Jean Grey. Logan tries to stop the Phoenix but it overpowers him and flies off in search of Scott.

Meanwhile, the Shi’ar make their way towards Earth to stop the Phoenix.

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