Phoenix: Endsong #2: Part Two

Wolverine awakens the X-Men in the morning with the news that the Phoenix has returned. And resurrected Jean Grey from the grave.

The X-Men prepare to confront the Phoenix by running scenarios in the Danger Room. In addition, Beast has invented a trap capable of physically holding the Phoenix and Jean. As the team calls it a day, Cyclops wants to run the simulation again, explaining sadly to his oldest confidant, Beast, that he’s “trying to get used to killing [his] wife”.

Suddenly, they are alerted to the detection of an Omega level mutant in the mansion. Beast races to the lab and finds Quentin Quire has been resurrected from his holding tank as well. He is seeking out his crush, Sophie, one of the Cuckoo five who perished trying to stop him leading a school rebellion.

Storm and Nightcrawler are searching the skies for any sign of the Phoenix. Storm senses a mysterious cloud system and reveals the Shi’ar ship in hiding.

Quentin finds Sophie’s grave and digs up her buried body and goes in search of the Phoenix to resurrected her.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, hunting the mansion grounds with Angel, comes face to face with Phoenix again.

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