Phoenix: Endsong #5: Part Five

The Phoenix breaks free of the containment egg. The X-Men attack, but are no match for the now recharged and powerful Phoenix. In addition, they have Quentin to deal with.

The Shi’ar have set a “collision course” since their weapons are fused to the ship. Storm and Nightcrawler take their leave from the ship to warn the X-Men of the impending collision.

Quentin finally gets a private moment with the Phoenix. The Phoenix fulfills Quentin’s desire by resurrecting his crush Sophie. But Sophie rejects him and turns back into a corpse. Quentin is devastated and collapses in the snow. The Phoenix is left confused. It had hoped to be shown what love is by Quentin but only learns “longing”, and concludes that Earth is “sick”.

Cyclops finds Jean’s resurrected body buried deep within the ice. Hesitantly, he releases her from the icy prison below. Jean is the only one powerful to take on the Phoenix, and releases the White Queen from the Phoenix’s hold. Again, the Phoenix tempts Jean to reassume the Phoenix, filled with the desire to destroy Earth as no one loves it.

Instead of retreating, Cyclops urges all the X-Men to come together and channel a single thought to Jean/Phoenix: that she is loved by all her friends and family. The Phoenix’s dark desires are overcome and she transforms into the White Phoenix. At this moment the Shi’ar ship detonates over the Phoenix, but she contains the blast and saves the X-Men.

After that, Cyclops and Jean take a moment to say a proper goodbye.

Cyclops: “You’re Jean Grey, and always will be. No matter what happens, no matter where you go or how you grow or what the cosmos tell you. Find yourself, Jean. All your pieces. You’ll be fine. You’ll remember. And you’ll know what to do.”
Jean: “Scott. I want to see your eyes.” (Cyclops takes his visor off and looks at her.)
Jean: “Goodbye.”

The Phoenix leaves and the X-Men return home.

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