Phoenix: Endsong #4: Part Four

While the Shi’ar seek out Quentin, under the watch of Storm and Nightcrawler, Quentin seeks out the Phoenix. Meanwhile, the Phoenix harnesses the raw power of Cyclops’ optic blasts to make it stronger.

The Phoenix has fused all of the Shi’ar “gun turrets directly to the hull”, rendering it useless. The ship’s commander decides to take on Quentin with a sword. Quentin had been aiding the Phoenix in fending off the X-Men as he needed the Phoenix alive to resurrect Sophie. Nightcrawler helps to distract Quentin, causing him to lose control over the X-Men.

Cyclops hatches a plan to distract the Phoenix. With Shadowcat’s help, Cyclops has her phase into his chest and grab his heart, ready to yank it out and in the process kill him. With him dead, the Phoenix loses her source of power. The Phoenix speaks, acts, looks and thinks like Jean, but is not her. As Shadowcat is ready to carry out Cyclops’ plan, the White Queen awakens and reactively tosses Shadowcat aside to prevent Cyclops from sacrificing himself.

The Phoenix notices that Cyclops’ affection has turned towards the White Queen, and proceeds to assume the White Queen as its host, seeking to be adored once again by Cyclops. Cyclops grabs the White Queen/Phoenix and jumps into the containment egg. But as the Phoenix grows stronger, fed by Cyclops’ optic blasts, the walls of the egg come under strain and crack.

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