X-Men: Children of the Atom #2: All Children Wear the Sign

Xavier has scheduled a guidance session with Scott Summers to learn more about him. When he pries into Scott’s glasses, he clams up and rushes home. His foster father, Jack Winters, is a bully and thief who adopted Scott to make use of Scott’s powers for his gains.

Back at school, Bobby is being assaulted by school bullies for being a mutant. Hank walks in on the fight and chases the bullies away.

In the night, Jean is having another nightmare, telekinetically levitating and flinging furniture in her room. Her episodes are getting worse, and her parents are getting worried about her.

The two bullies who assaulted Bobby return to their leader of the gang, who provides them with weapons to take out Hank. Elsewhere, another teenager named Starkey, part of the gang of bullies, manifests his mutation.

At the school’s football game, the bullies smuggle the weapons into the stadium and are about to take a shot at Hank when Hank spots them. With his superhuman strength and agility, he leaps over the heads of the crowd to the top of the stadium and takes out the bullies. One of the bullies is accidentally killed, and Hank is arrested by the police.

The other bully rushes over to Starkey’s house to tell him about the tragedy, only to find out that Starkey is a mutant.

Agent Duncan pays a visit to Xavier to discuss the recent mutant-related events: the Sentinel attacks and the accident at Freeport. Trask is now being questioned by the FBI regarding the attacks, but the mutant hysteria driving by Metzger is not quelling. Xavier confides in Duncan regarding his school to train mutants.

Hank is now alienated by the entire school population since he was revealed to be mutant. Xavier tries to reach out to Hank, only to be met with a hostile response.

Jack Winters is planning to infiltrate the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. Believed to be abandoned and never “brought online”, his “contacts” are convinced that government secret weapons are hidden in that facade. And Jack’s choice of defence against any guards is none other than Scott.

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