X-Men: Children of the Atom #3: Children of a Lesser God

Bobby’s condition is worsening, and that worries his parents.

One of the school’s bullies, Chad, is invited to meet with Metzger regarding what he knows about Hank McCoy being a mutant. Metzger wants Chad to help him expose Hank as a mutant.

Agent Duncan is beginning to be suspicious of Xavier’s manipulative abilities and wonders if Xavier is doing anything to sway his opinions. Nonetheless, he meets up with Xavier at Freeport, where Xavier has compiled disturbing information about Scott Summer’s foster father, Jack Winters. Xavier suspects that Winters is using Scott in his criminal dealings. His pressing concern to release Scott out of Winters’ custody causes Xavier to blow up at Duncan for calling Scott “dangerous” because of his mutant ability. Duncan swiftly reminds Xavier that he is the only FBI agent who is willing to help Xavier in his mission. After both parties calm down, Duncan offers Xavier help to free Scott, to which Xavier declines, stating he has to act alone or the plan won’t work.

While out grocery shopping, a disguised Warren Worthington stops a robbery from being committed. Instead of thanking him, the store owner chases Warren out for being a mutant. After returning home, Warren finds a strange man in his house. It is the mutant, Magneto, hoping to be able to recruit Warren to be in his mutant army when the time comes for the war against humans and mutants.

Having run away from home, Starkey seeks the fire of a few homeless folks in the streets. But even the homeless aren’t sympathetic towards mutants and start beating him up to drive him away.

Winters is about to pull off his heist when they are spotted by a security guard. Winters is livid when Scott refuses to use his powers against the guard. Winters beats Scott up, but is stopped by the arrival of Xavier. Xavier shows Winters and his men the power of his mind over their weapons.

Seeing what just happened, a frightened Scott tears down the maze of corridors. Winters appears at the end of Scott’s path. Cornered and beaten, Scott has had enough and unleashes his power against Winters.

Having regained his freedom, Scott decides to give Xavier’s proposition, the Institute, a shot.

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