X-Men: Children of the Atom #4: Child’s Play

Scott is unaccustomed to a comfortable living and charity and decides to tell Xavier that he’s taking off. Xavier explains that he is trying to create an environment where young mutants like Scott can learn and grow and be accepted among peers. Xavier sees potential in Scott, the willingness to be educated and the want to be accepted. While being normal like the rest of the world is not an option for mutants, Xavier is at least able to provide training to control his mutant abilities and teach him to accept himself for who he is.

Meanwhile, Metzger is gaining a lot of public exposure on television. The FBI decides that it is time to have a talk with Metzger. Duncan is extremely disappointed and angry that his boss has decided to side with the enemy, Metzger, and start prosecuting mutants.

Duncan alerts Xavier about the Metzger-FBI situation as they are going to see Bobby Drake. Duncan doesn’t want to see these mutant children rounded up by the law just on the account of their being born with the mutant gene.

While Duncan sits with Bobby’s parents, Xavier goes to talk to Bobby telling him that his mutant abilities is not an illness, but a part of him that he has to learn to accept.

Magneto approaches the battered and confused Starkey in an alley to recruit him for his cause. An empath, Starkey senses Magneto’s anger and shows signs of hostility towards Magneto. Magneto retreats, stating that Starkey is “not ready” for his cause.

Xavier’s next stop is the Greys. He convinces Jean’s parents that the best thing for their daughter is to enrol her in his special school for mutants where she will receive the adequate training and education that she needs. Her parents reluctantly agree to do so. John Grey has a heart-to-heart with his daughter. Jean reassures her father that the school is the right choice. She needs to learn how to defend herself on her own.

The FBI have started building a facility to contain mutants, to Metzger’s approval. Metzger is going to have Chad hunt down his friend Starkey to test the facility and the operation.

Warren’s house is being surrounded by an assassin squad hired to kill him. The house is bombed and set on fire. Just as they are about to take out Warren, Xavier appears and rescues Warren from certain death.

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