Savage Hulk #2: The Man Within Pt II

The X-Men battle the Abomination. Marvel Girl tries to read his mind and finds out that he had been fighting the Hulk when the military attacked. The Abomination fled when the missiles were launched. Once the Hulk transformed back into Dr Banner, the Abomination was the only one who was still giving off gamma radiation. The military tracked the Abomination using his gamma signature, which the X-Men also locked onto thinking it was the Hulk. The Abomination threatens Angel’s life in exchange for the gamma locator device. Cyclops and Havok are preoccupied with stopping the missiles.

The campers refuse to leave Dr Banner. He transforms into the Hulk before their eyes.

Cyclops and Marvel Girl work together to target a weak spot of the Abomination. Cyclops’ blast forces the Abomination to release Angel. Marvel Girl throws up a telekinetic shield. The Hulk appears to fight off the Abomination.

But the X-Men cannot leave without accomplishing their mission: retrieving the Hulk. The Hulk and the Abomination are still fighting when the military arrive. The Hulk defeats the Abomination and the military take the Abomination into custody.

With a gentle telepathic nudge from Marvel Girl, the Hulk transforms back into Dr Banner.

Xavier, Beast and Polaris have finished prepping the laboratory when the X-Men return with Dr Banner. Gratefully for saving his life, Xavier insists that Dr Banner allow him to repay the favour. Xavier believes that he is part of the missing telepathic component of Dr Banner’s device. Xavier proceeds to treat Dr Banner while the Leader spies on them.

While the treatment is underway, the Hulk struggles to dominate over Dr Banner. The Hulk is freed from Dr Banner, but gets transferred into Marvel Girl.

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