Savage Hulk #3: The Man Within Pt III

Marvel Girl has been transformed into the Hulk. The gamma energy intensifies her telekinesis.

Only Xavier seems to be worried about Marvel Girl’s transformation. The rest of the X-Men are in awe over her altered appearance and new abilities. Xavier senses something is wrong with the X-Men, and assumes that Marvel Girl is now controlling them.

Suddenly, the X-Men are attacked by mysterious robotic creatures. While the X-Men are busy fighting them off, Dr Banner whisks Xavier away to safety. Xavier does not understand why the X-Men do not listen to him.

Then, Xavier finds his wheelchair gone and he is standing in the middle of a military facility in the desert. Dr Banner has also disappeared. Xavier thinks that he has entered Dr Banner’s mind. Suddenly, Dr Banner comes running towards him and urges him to get into the trench. Xavier resists. Dr Banner transforms into a little boy and jumps into the trench. Xavier is hit by a gamma blast and transforms into the Hulk. He declares this to be an illusion, but is promptly attacked by several mutants such as the Rhino and the Abomination, as well as Dr Banner’s Hulk.

The little boy appears again, begging Xavier to leave before he gets hurt. Xavier realises that Dr Banner is fighting all his inner demons inside his mind. Xavier goes in search of Dr Banner, who explains that his struggle is a never-ending cycle. When Dr Banner feels the Hulk’s strength surge during a challenge, the more he prevents the Hulk from taking over, the more the Hulk pushes to be free. This has become very taxing on Dr Banner’s brain, and he is afraid to find out the limits of the power of his mind.

Dr Banner begins talking in cryptic messages, telling Xavier that he should shift his focus to helping his students who are in trouble instead of him. Xavier awakens to find that the X-Men have been captured by the Leader.

Thanks to the X-Men, Dr Banner has been turned into a “gamma battery” and his gamma energy is being drained. And if Xavier so much so as initiates a telepathic probe on the Leader, the bomb strapped to Xavier’s chest will detonate.

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