Savage Hulk #4: The Man Within Pt IV

The X-Men are forced to watch as the Leader drains Dr Banner of his gamma energy. Xavier tries to contact Marvel Girl telepathically, but she cannot hear him. It is Cyclops who replies to Xavier, telling him that “Jean transferred her telepathic link to [him]”.

Cyclops explains that Xavier “collapsed” after he “linked minds with Banner”. Shortly thereafter, the X-Men were attacked by the Leader’s robots and put into restraints that neutralised their powers. Marvel Girl’s helmet was designed to distract her from being able to focus on using her telekinesis. Instead, she linked herself telepathically with Angel, who has a clear visual of Cyclops’ helmet, and through his eyes, is working on freeing Cyclops’ helmet.

The Leader demands to know how Xavier “telepathically manipulated the procedure” that transformed Dr Banner. Xavier asks to be relieved of the bomb attached to his chest in order to “demonstrate” the procedure. The Leader refuses and threatens Angel’s life.

Slowly, Dr Banner transforms into the Hulk. He is aware of what is going on, and is angered at the Leader threatening Angel’s life. Suddenly, the Hulk frees himself and the X-Men from their restraints with a telekinetic blast. Dr Banner’s “mental capacity” has increased due to the strain of controlling the Hulk.

The Leader orders his meant to kill the Hulk and the X-Men. The Hulk overpowers them and attacks the Leader, revealing the latter to be a droid instead of the real Leader. The Hulk unleashes an enormous gamma blast that fries the Leader’s computer system. The Hulk then proceeds to destroy the one device that could help him.

But Xavier is not willing to give up on the Hulk. Cyclops orders the X-Men to get Xavier to safety, seeing the danger that they are in: Dr Banner has lost all control of the Hulk, and the Hulk has also acquired telekinesis, making him stronger than ever.

Thankfully, the Hulk’s “rampage burnt off all the excess gamma power” and the Hulk returns to his normal giant self. He turns his attention to the X-Men. Xavier confronts the Hulk, staring, unwavering, into the Hulk’s eyes. After a roar, the Hulk bounds away. Xavier tells his students that it was not him who telepathically dismissed the Hulk. It was Dr Banner who urged the Hulk away.

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