Professor Xavier and the X-Men #16: Enter the Sentinels

Doctor Trask is on a national news network discussing the topic on mutants. He believes that mutants pose a threat to mankind. That these “grotesque aberrations in the human genetic stock...have enough power to literally enslave the rest of the human race”.

Professor Xavier, who has dedicated his life to establishing peace between humans and mutants, joins the debate. He defends mutants, much to the disgust of Trask. Trask suspects that Xavier has a motive for defending mutants, and possibly could even be one of them.

The discussion gets heated when both men challenge each other’s opinions. Suddenly, Trask removes a remote control from inside his jacket, summoning a few Sentinels. The Sentinels, Trask proclaims, have been created to defend the human race from mutants. Trask attempts to give a demonstration, but the Sentinels appear unresponsive to his command. Trask is taken out by his very own Sentinel instead. The Sentinels plan to learn self-propagation and ultimately rule the human race. Xavier telepathically calls upon his X-Men for help.

A man trying to escape from the premises is spotted by the Sentinel on guard. As the Sentinel tries to terminate him, Beast and Iceman appear in time to rescue the human. After a few attacks on the Sentinels, it malfunctions and collapses.

In the streets of Manhattan, Angel and Marvel Girl are held up from joining their team by a number of Sentinels.

Back at the news studio, Beast is examining the fallen Sentinel. Suddenly, Xavier picks up sentinel’s signal to its home base. Xavier directs the X-Men to the base of the Sentinels. The X-Men proceed with caution as the Sentinels have no doubt been alerted to the arrival of the X-Men.

The Sentinel base proves to be quite inaccessible. But Cyclops has a plan. Iceman and Beast climb aboard an ice platform propelled by Cyclops’ optic blasts and steadied by Marvel Girl’s telekinesis. Iceman and Beast approach the fortress but are captured. Angel tries to save them, but to no avail.

The Sentinels go forth with their plan to enslave the human race. It goes against what Trask had planned for the use of the Sentinels. Taken hostage by the Sentinels, he has been summoned to the Master Mold.

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