Professor Xavier and the X-Men #17: Probes

The Sentinels have taken control over the Master Mold, and Trask realises the severity of his mistake. He had provided them with the means and needs to assume control of the human race. The Sentinels are unmoved by Trask’s threats the the X-Men will seek to destroy them. Confident of their capture of two X-Men, Master Mold orders the termination of the rest of the X-Men.

Meanwhile, the rest of the X-Men outside the fortress are analysing their situation and planning their next move. Xavier intends to “blank out” the minds of the Sentinels with a psionic blast, long enough for the X-Men to infiltrate the fortress.

Within the fortress, Trask has been ordered to conduct a mind probe on the Beast. But Beast appears to be resisting the probe with the force of sheer will power. Trask continues with the probe. Beast reveals that he is a member of the X-Men, sworn to protect humans from evil mutants. Trask expresses disbelief at this revelation, but his probe only seeks the truth in one’s mind. Trask is determined to learn more about the Beast and probes into his childhood. Beast was always picked on by the neighbourhood kids due to his peculiar large hands and feet. He was called a freak after he evaded a car accident, which was impossible by human standards. Beast didn’t let that get to him, and continued in his academic pursuits, eventually winning a scholarship to a university. He also excelled in sports, but it wasn’t before long that people suspected him of have special “powers”. Having been called a “Beast” on the field, the name stuck with him. It wasn’t until Professor Xavier sought him out that he discovered he was a mutant with special abilities. He was persuaded by Xavier to join the Institute.

Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Angel, having infiltrated the fortress, are on the search for their captive team mates. Master Mold has ordered Sentinel units after the intruding X-Men, but not before the latter get to Iceman first.

Outside, Xavier is alerted to Beast being under the mind probe for an extended period of time, revealing to Trask too much information. Xavier projects his astral form, leaving his body unattended. Xavier gets to Beast just in time to stop him from revealing the identities of Xavier and the X-Men which the Master Mold seeks to destroy. Sensing the psionic presence of Xavier, Master Mold reaches out with a “micro-electric blast”. Xavier’s astral form quickly rejoins with his physical body before he is unable to.

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Iceman are left to fend for themselves against an entire army of Sentinels. But the Sentinels prove to be too strong in numbers and the four X-Men are taken down.

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