Professor Xavier and the X-Men #18: Final Sanction

Assuming that the X-Men have been taken care of, Master Mold proceeds with his plans to take over humankind.

Outside, Xavier comes to. Sensing that all his students have been captured, Xavier formulates a different strategy to take down the Sentinels. Suddenly, and idea dawns upon him. Meanwhile, a Government chopper approaches to check out the disturbance in the area. Xavier thinks they might be of assistance and waves to get their attention.

The four X-Men are put into a confinement chamber. Escape is impossible, and the satisfied Sentinel guards leave the X-Men be.

Back in Master Mold’s chamber, Trask is still resisting to aid Master Mold in enslaving the human race. Master Mold can stand his “insubordinance” no further, and threatens to destroy an entire city if Trask does not bend to his will.

In the meantime, Beast is ordered to rejoin his team mates in the holding cell. Cyclops seizes the chance to stun the Sentinels and escape from the chamber. The rest of the X-Men follow suit. But they are taken down yet again by more Sentinels not long after. The Sentinels prepare to terminate the X-Men for good when their systems suddenly malfunction.

Outside, Xavier is negotiation with the Colonel to use his choppers to take out the Sentinels. They act quickly before the Sentinel base taken them down, bombarding the base with electromagnetic waves of a set frequency, disrupting the Sentinels’ transmissions, rendering them useless.

With the Sentinels taken care of, the X-Men go in search of Master Mold. Meanwhile, Master Mold has instructed Trask to create more Sentinels. If Master Mold gains knowledge of the operation, he could be capable of the process himself. For the greater good of humankind, Trask sacrifices himself as he destroys all the machinery in the chamber.

The fortress goes up in flames and is beginning to collapse. The X-Men quickly come up with an escape plan. Beast leaves with Iceman while Angel flies Cyclops and Marvel Girl to safety. Marvel Girl uses her telekinetic powers to open the sealed exit.

The X-Men live to fight for yet another day.

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