X-Men: The Hidden Years #2: Slaughter in the Savage Land!

Cyclops walks through the jungles of the Savage Land, grieving over the loss of his teammate and secret love, Jean Grey. The previous day’s events flashes through his mind. In a fit of rage, he unleashes an optic blast into the sky. Unfortunately, that attracted a Tyrannosaurus Rex which attacks Cyclops. Cyclops refuses to fight back because the dinosaur is merely “defending its territory”. He is saved in the nick of time by Beast. Angel brings good news that Jean is still alive.

Back in New York City, Bobby seeks refuge at his ex-girlfriend, Zelda’s apartment after running away from the Institute. Zelda asks Bobby what was going on, and why did he just “vanish out of [her] life without so much as a word...and then when things go bad, [he] show[s] up at [her] door”? Bobby tells Zelda about Lorna Dane. Zelda is infuriated and starts screaming and wakes her room mate, Vera. While Vera is asking Bobby about Hank, Bobby zones out he picks up Xavier’s telepathic message to Alex and Lorna. Knowing that his former team mates are in danger, Bobby leaves immediately without a word.

An angered Zelda is determined to find out what is going on. She calls Warren’s girlfriend, Candy Southern, asking her if she knows about the strange things going on in the Institute.

Meanwhile in the Savage Land, Cyclops talks to the village chief about Jean. The chief tells him that the sick and the dying are taken to “the place of passage” which Beast interprets as a place where they are taken to “live out the last days of their lives”. Excited with this piece of news, Cyclops comes up with a plan to track Jean down, but the chief warns him that such an act is “forbidden”. But Cyclops, Beast and Angel are determined to find their team mate.

And unconscious Jean having passed on to the “Land of the Dead”, is found by the ghost of Magneto, who orders one of the priests to keep an eye on Jean. He plans to seek revenge on the X-Men.

Cyclops, Beast and Angel observe the strange-looking priests escorting the aged on boats through a tunnel. Cyclops orders Angel to follow the boats over the mountains while he and Beast try to find another way there. They are stopped by the villagers who do not hesitate to attack them. They try to fight them off. Beast suggest that they escape through the tunnel, and at the same time proceed with their agenda on hand. While they take off in the boat, Cyclops is shot in the chest with an arrow.

Beast urges Cyclops to hang on. If that “paradise” is real, there might still be hope for him. They sail into a metropolitan-like city. To Cyclops’ amazement, his “wound has healed itself” and he pulls the arrow out of his chest. But in the next second, a cage is dropped onto Cyclops and Beast, and they find themselves captured.

In the meantime, Angel desperately tries to fly through the turbulence in the mountains. But he is knocked unconscious against a side of a rock wall and crashes into the snowy depths below.

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