X-Men: The Hidden Years #3: On Wings of Angels

Under Xavier’s orders, Lorna and Alex are en route to the Savage Land to find out what happened to Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel and Beast. They encounter the same turbulence that crashed the others’ ship.

Angel is rescued by two natives living in the mountains. Angel recalls what happened prior to his accident and he was going to fly over the mountains to rescue Marvel Girl. The natives warn him of “certain death” if he goes to “the high mountains”. The natives tell him to “save [his] strength for the journey which lies ahead”.

Back in the tunnels, Beast manages to climb out of the cage which their captives have failed to put a lid on. Cyclops blasts one of the winged creatures who was about to drop a net onto Beast. Using his abilities, Beast grabs hold of Cyclops and leaps out of the cage.

Meanwhile in Marvel Girl’s holding cell, she has been pretending to be unconscious and overhearing about a plan from the strange winged priests. When she is left alone, Marvel Girl escapes and tries to find her way out.

The winged priests report to the ghost of Magneto that the X-Men have escaped. Magneto is obviously furious upon hearing the news. Just then, one of his followers, Amphibius reports that he has sighted Cyclops and Beast near the hangar.

As Cyclops and Beast wander around the complex, to their horror, the people taken to this “paradise promised by legend” are being used as slaves. Beast suspects that someone is taking advantage of the place’s “miraculous healing”. Cyclops wonders why their friend and the “self-proclaimed lord” of the Savage Land, Ka-zar never mentioned this place.

In the jungles, Lorna and Alex have landed. They are quickly discovered by Ka-zar while planning how to find the rest of the X-Men. Brief introductions are exchanged. Alex adopts the name ‘Havok’ while Lorna calls herself ‘Magnetrix’. Havok explains to Ka-zar of their agenda to find the rest of the X-Men who have mysteriously disappeared from contact. Ka-zar replies that he has yet to explore this strange region of the Savage Land and he has heard of “dark happenings” and he set out weeks ago to learn more about them.

Within the complex, Marvel Girl stumbles upon the ghost of Magneto. She is clueless as to why she can “see him...But not detect him telepathically”. She overhears Magneto’s plan to capture the rest of the X-Men. Also, Marvel Girl notices something strange about Magneto’s “ghost”, “that his psychic center is...displaced”.

Angel is being smuggled into the complex by the natives. A couple of non-corrupt winged creatures tells Angel of their story. A hundred years ago their ancestors, the Nhu-Gari tribe, had chanced upon this magical place of healing. But there was a price to pay and over generations, they had been transformed into the winged creatures of present. They were to weak to support themselves, so they tricked the men living outside of the mountains to send their aged and sick to “paradise” where they would be enslaved. While Angel questions the natives further, his attention is caught by a stunning female winged creature who enters the room.

Cyclops and Beast have scaled one of the tallest towers. Taking out one of the winged guards, they proceed into the building, only to find a mysterious ship.

While Marvel Girl is focused on getting her bearings, she is knocked out psychically by the ghost of Magneto.

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