X-Men: The Hidden Years #5: Riders on the Storm

Candy Southern arrives at the Xavier Institute. She is attacked by a robot and captured in a net. Professor Xavier appears to stop the robot and greet Candy.

It is pouring in Argentina, but Bobby is determined to make it to Antarctica. Using his powers, he creates an ice tunnel to Antarctica.

Meanwhile, the remaining X-Men are still trapped in the crashing airship. Beast is hesitant that Marvel Girl should use her telekinesis but Angel agrees with Marvel Girl that it’s the only chance they’ve got. While the three are having a discussion, Magneto awakens. The exploding airship is thwarting his plans for “global conquest”. As the balloons are filled with the same mystical “radioactive steam” that will grant him immortality and drain the “will-power” from “weaker minds”. Seeing as the ship is now doomed, Magneto makes a jump out of the ship into the storm. Avia goes after Magneto to save him. Angel goes after Avia as the storm would kill her.

In the Savage Land, Havok and Magnetrix is following Ka-Zar through the jungle. Ka-Zar stops when they reach the mountains as he senses earthquakes and sees smoke coming from the mountains. He urges them to hurry.

Back in the airship, Beast attaches a rope to his body and jumps from the ship to go after Angel. He manages to find Angel and drag him back to the ship. Angel was insistent on rescuing Avia because she saved him in the mountains. Marvel Girl consoles Angel that she was following him telepathically and Avia was nowhere in his sight.

At that very moment, more balloons explode. Beast comes up with an idea that they attach themselves to the remaining balloons and let the “winds carry [them] where they may”. But in the strong winds, the balloons’ “rigging is fraying” despite Marvel Girl’s attempt to hold them together. It is not long before they are separated. Beast crashes into a jungle and is found by a native of the jungle; a dark-skinned woman with long, flowing white hair.

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