X-Men: The Hidden Years #6: Behold a Goddess Rising...!

Bobby is washed up on the shores of the Savage Land. As he lies unconscious, a couple of scavenger Pterodactyls circle above him. A strange man comes to Bobby’s aid, chasing away the flying dinosaurs. He wants Bobby to himself, or rather, his “mutant energy”. The man restrains himself from absorbing Bobby’s energy.

At the mansion, Candy has a chat with Professor Xavier. Knowing that Xavier has to answer to Warren for erasing Candy’s memory of what she has experienced on Institute grounds, he proceeds to inquire the reason of her visit.

Hank awakens in the home of the African natives. His saviour is a woman with long, white hair by the name of Ororo. She begins to explain her powers to Hank when he expresses disbelief that she was able to fly. Hank takes time to gather his thoughts while an elderly native cautions Ororo about revealing too much of her powers. Hank suspects the ease of communication between him and the Africans was a result of exposure of the residual gases from his balloon. He asks if the massive storm was Ororo’s doing. She replies that “it has been taken from [her]”.

Elsewhere, Jean goes in search of Scott through the jungle. She spots his mental signature not far from her, and a strange being standing over him. The strange being (who had previously captured Ororo’s storm) uncovers the true nature of Scott’s powers when he removes Scott’s visor and opens one of Scott's eye.

Back in the African village, the natives are alarmed by “a shaft of brilliant red light” in the distance. Hank immediately recognises it as Scott’s optic blast. Thinking it is a signal from Scott, Hank rushes in his direction.

In the Savage Land, Havok, Magnetrix and Ka-Zar fly over the mountains to uncover the mysterious source of the smoke they had seen. They discover a “vast sea of molten lava” engulfing buildings, and beyond the mountains, thousands of people. Ka-Zar attempts to speak to them, but the people hurl rocks at the three of them instead. An angry Havok gives them a taste of his power.

As the strange being examines Scott’s power, Jean confronts the being and launches a stream of rocks at the being with her telekinesis. The stronger being counters her attack and hurls her into a tree. Just then, Hank swings into the scene and delivers a fist to the being, but suffers the same fate as Jean. Ororo appears to assist, but she too is no match for the being.

The strange being brings the unconscious four to a dry river bed and ties them to poles stuck in the ground. Ororo recognises the river bed as the place where her storm was taken from her. The being, who calls himself Deluge, calls the storm to drown the four of them.

The huge storm also engulfs the South Atlantic. The crew of a trawler discovers two “angels” that have fallen onto their ship. They keep Angel and Avia in a cabin until they are given further instructions on how to deal with them.

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