The Avengers #53: In Battle Joined!

When the Avengers arrive, they see Cyclops standing over an unconscious Quicksilver. The Avengers still think Quicksilver is one of them and attack Cyclops.

Earlier, Angel was in Mahanttan seeking out the Avengers. He finds Goliath and Black Panther, and tells them that Quicksilver has rejoined Magneto. The Avengers had been looking for Quicksilver and Magneto and is ready to head out in no time.

Inside the Avenger’s jet, Wasp discovers an “electronic bug” hidden in Angel’s wing. The Avengers think that Magneto had sent Angel to spy on them, and has Angel restrained. The Avengers were half right; Magneto did indeed plant the device on Angel, but Angel was only a pawn in the plan to lure the Avengers to Magneto. Angel did not know about the device.

Magneto intends to destroy the X-Men and Avengers all at once. He bullies Toad around and Scarlet Witch feels helpless without her hex powers.

After the Avengers take down Cyclops, the big egos start bickering among themselves, until Wasp breaks up the fight and keeps the men on track.

Magneto proceeds to set his plan in motion. He is going to use a machine to “enslave every Homo Sapiens on earth“ including the Avengers, and the X-Men who have had their “mental resistance” weakened earlier by the devices they were restrained in.

As Magneto had predicted, Cyclops had managed to free his team mates. Magneto activates his machine to influence the minds of the X-Men and the Avengers. He is going to pit the X-Men against the Avengers and have them duel to the death.

But Magneto made a crucial mistake in dismissing the threat of Angel. For it was Angel who came back unexpectedly and cut power to Magneto’s machine just when Magneto was about to have both superhero teams finish each other off. The mental control over the Avengers and the X-Men are gone.

Furious that he has lost control, Magneto commands Toad to explode the section of his base that the X-Men and Avengers are in. But Toad sets the entire base to self-destruct instead. Quickly, the Brotherhood flee, as does the Avengers and the X-Men.

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